Friday, August 1, 2014

New blog!! (This is all very exciting)

I will use this blog to discuss my Shotokan training, my thoughts on being a professional karateka and other semi-related subjects. For starters, I would just like to present a short overview of my karate-history.

I was born in Norway June 9th, 1969 and started training JKA-style Shotokan karate in Sept 1983. In June 2009 I got awarded 5th degree black belt from the chief instructor of the WTKO, Richard Amos sensei.

From February 2004 I have been teaching for a living in Iceland. (Land of Fire, Ice and modern day vikings - come visit)

Shortly there will be technical articles here, advice for any level karateka, videos of good and bad karate and whatever else that might come up on my radar. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully we will meet in the dojo shortly.


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